Charter Insurance

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Financial Security during your charter are provided in corporation with UNIQA. Insurance can be purchased together with the Charter or directly from UNIQA. Below please find a brief summary of the insurances we offer in corporation with UNIQA. For Terms and more information, please visit UNIQA pages. 


Charter Deposit Insurance

Premium: from 7,00 % of deposit
Minimum premium: 50,00 €
Deductible: 10% of the deposit, min 100,00 € per damage

What is covered?
It is insured if the deposit is retained by the owner / charter company in the case of
* loss or damage of the chartered vessel due to a naval accident, sinking, fire, lightning, explosion, theft or robbery or damage caused by natural disasters
* Sailing regattas are included in the insurance.

Note: The charter deposit still needs to be arranged and paid for in the Marina on arrival. If deposit is retained by owner / charter company, deposit will be covered by insurance according to terms.


Charter Cancellation Insurance

Premium: 5,00 % of the travel price
Minimum premium: 50,00 €
no deductible

Who is insured?
*The skipper and crew members are insured

What is covered?
Covered are
* cancellation costs as a result of sudden severe illness, accident or death due to the drop out of an insured person or his/her closest relatives. 
This insurance is valid for one charter cruise.


Charter Payment Protection

Premium: 2,10 % of the travel price
Minimum premium: 60,00 €
no deductible

Insurance conditions:
This insurance is valid for one charter trip.

Case of insurance:
Neither the chartered nor an alternative yacht can be made available by the charter company at the agreed time for the following reasons:
- insolvency of the charter company between booking and departure
- boating accident or sinking

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